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Officer of the Year 2018

Officer of the Year 2018

Detective Sergeant Andrew Capwill has been with the Chagrin Falls Police Department for 33 years, and has spent 25 of those as a full-time police officer.  Detective Sergeant Capwill was promoted to Sergeant in 2005, and was given the assignment of full-time detective in 2016.  Detective Sergeant Capwill has accomplished a great deal in the two years he has spent in the detective position.  He specializes in financial, fraud, and other white collar crimes, which have become a pervasive problem in Chagrin Falls, as well as other communities.  Detective Sergeant Capwill has worked closely with several other agencies, including those at the federal level, and continues to bring many of his investigations to a successful conclusion.  Detective Sergeant Capwill was nominated for the Officer of the Year Award by the department’s clerk, Patricia Chambers.  Ms. Chambers cited his continued efforts to bring final dispositions to open cases, his attention to the professional maintenance of the property and evidence room, and his willingness to help her and others in their positions as some of the many reasons he deserved the award in 2018.  The Administration agreed with her nomination, and Detective Sergeant Capwill was honored with the award at the Village of Chagrin Falls Council Meeting on December 10th, 2018.

Halloween in Chagrin Falls

UPDATE: Regrettably, Due to the intense rain forecast for Oct. 31st and Nov. 1st, the Haunted Firehouse has been cancelled for 2018.

Chagrin Falls residents will still celebrate Halloween with Trick-Or-Treat hours on October 31 from 6-8 pm.  Enjoy!

Community Shred Day

September 26,2018

The Villages of Bentleyville and Chagrin Falls are again sponsoring a Community Shred Day on Saturday, October 20,2018. The event will be held in the parking lot of the Federated Church, 76 Bell Street, from 9:00 A.M. until 12 Noon.
The service is free for the residents of the two Villages. We ask that you limit your shred material to five boxes or bags. Materials that can be shredded include: paper, light cardboard, staples, paper clips and 3.5 inch computer storage discs.
Questions can be directed to either the Bentleyville Village Hall at 440-247-5055 or the Chagrin Falls Village Hall at 440-247-5050.

Rob Jamieson Chief Administrative Officer

Cuyahoga County Extends Deadline For Informal Appeals On Property Values

Following the sexennial reappraisal and concerns from property owners that their property values have risen, Cuyahoga County has extended the informal appeal process. Residents now have until September 14th to file an informal appeal.

Residents who are concerned that their property values may have been over-estimated can appeal to the Cuyahoga County fiscal office by going online or by calling (216) 443-4663 (H-O-M-E).

If you are not able to appeal informally by September 14th, don’t worry. You may still file a formal appeal with the County Board of Revision between January 1st and March 31st, 2019Continue Reading →

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