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Please Bag Your Spring Yard Debris


The last day of Leaf Collection was December 5, 2017.

At this time, please put your leaves in bags or in your refuse cart for collection, or have your landscaper remove them. The Village does not pick up any remaining leaves in the spring.


Thank You!

John Brockway

Safety Town Registration 2018

Chagrin Falls Safety Town is a nationally recognized safety awareness program for children entering kindergarten. The Chagrin Falls Police Department and youth volunteers, with the cooperation of the Chagrin Falls Fire Department and the Chagrin Valley Jaycees, will teach the classes. Classes will be an hour and twenty minutes per day for 10 days. Classes will be held July 16- July 27, 2017 at the Gurney Primary School, 1155 Bell Road.

Please download and complete the Safety Town registration form, and return to:

Chagrin Falls Police Department Attn: Safety Town Registration
21 W. Washington Street
Chagrin Falls, OH 44022

Remember to indicate your preferred class time on the registration, as class assignments will be made in the order by which registrations are received at the police department. Registration deadline is June 1, 2018.  For more information please contact  Jason Fischer at

Public Hearing: Variance Request for 218 Cleveland Street on March 19

Notice is hereby given that a public hearing will be held by the Planning and Zoning Commission of the Village of Chagrin Falls at 7:30 p.m. on Monday, March 19, 2018 in the Council Chambers of the Chagrin Falls Village Hall, 2l West Washington Street, Chagrin Falls, Ohio at the request of Brickhaus Partners for the following items relating to the property at 2l8 Cleveland Street, Permanent Parcel No. 931-17-003:

1. I 130.04(aX3) Area Regulations: Determine Reasonable Means of Ingress and Egress.
2. 1130.09 ( c ) Modifications to Area, Yard, and Buffer Requirements.

Notice To Property Owners Of Special Assessments: Walters Street Sidewalk Project

TO: Residents of Walters Road and Hickory Hill:
You are notified that on January 22,2018, the Village of Chagrin Falls, Ohio adopted Resolution No.
2018-06 declaring it necessary to improve the Village’s walking system by constructing sidewalks on the
north side of Walters Road by constructing a five (5) foot wide sidewalk on the nofth side of Walters Road
from the intersection of Bell Street to the Village Corporation line approximately one thousand (1,000) feet
to the northeast.

The resolution approves the plans, specifications, profiles and estimate of cost for the improvement,
which were prepared by CT Consultants, Inc, and are now on file in the office of the Clerk of Council, and
provides that the Village shall assume and pay, as its portion of the cost of the improvement, the first Two
Thousand Eight Hundred Forty-Nine and 50/100 ($2,849,50) of the cost of constructing the sidewalks, and
the residents shall pay the balance of the cost of the improvetnents, engineering, legal, financing and
administrative costs to be allocated among the fifty-six (56) parcels described on Exhibit “A” attached hereto
and made a part hereof, abutting Walters Road and Hickory Hill, said costs to include all engineering, legal,
administrative and publication and service costs, and fînancing costs as well as the actual cost of construction
of the sidewalks.

The estimated special assessments for the improvement based on the estimate of costs are now on file
in the office of the Clerk of Council and available for inspection by any interested person.
Objections to the special assessments, or the amount or apportionment of those special assessments,
must be filed in writing in the office of the Clerk of Council within two weeks from the date of the
publication of this notice.

By order of the Council of the Village of Chagrin Falls

David Bloom
Chief Financial Officer

You are also notified that the amount of the estimated special assessment based upon the estimated
cost of the improvement is stated below. It is subject to adjustrnent, up or down, based on the final cost
of the improvement.

Estimated Special Assessments: $798.00
Properties Identified:

Public Hearing: Variance Request for 95 South Franklin Street on February 27th

Notice is hereby given that a public hearing will be held by the Board of Zoning
Appeals of the Village of Chagrin Falls at 8:00 p.m. on Tuesday, February 27,2018
in the Council Chamber of the Chagrin Falls Village Hall, 21 West Washington
Street, Chagrin Falls, Ohio at the request of Wey Capital, LLC, for a variance to
Section llts.04(b)(3), Area, Yard, and Height Regulations: Accessory Structures,
Section 1141.05,’Schedule of Required Off-Street Parking Spaces, Section
1145.02(b), Nonconforming Buildings, and Section 1145.03(b)(e), Nonconforming
Use of Buíldings; Nonconforming Accessory Uses, specifically at 95 South Franklin
Street, Permanent Parcel No. 932-16-004.

Public Hearing: Variance Request for 17 River Street on February 27th

Notice is hereby given that a public hearing will be held by the Board of Zoning
Appeals of the Village of Chagrin Falls at 8:00 p.m. on Tuesday, February 27,2018
in the Council Chamber of the Chagrin Falls Village Hall, 21 West Washington
Street, Chagrin Falls, Ohio at the request of Betsy Seegott, LLC, for a variance to
Section ll37 .04(a)&,(c), Yard and Buffer Regulations, specifically at 17 River Street,
Permanent Parcel Nos. 93 2-0 6-047 and 932-06-048.

Public Hearing: Variance Request for 87 West Street on February 27th

Notice is hereby given that a public hearing will be held by the Board of Zoning
Appeals of the Village of Chagrin Falls at 8:00 p.m. on Tuesday, February 27,2018
in the Council Chamber of the Chagrin Falls Village Hall, 21 West Washington
Street, Chagrin Falls, Ohio at the request of PCHE RP2, LLC, for a variance to
Section 1137.04(a), Yard and Buffer Regulations, Section 1138.05(a), Detailed
Regulations By Type of Establishment, and Section 1145.02(b), Nonconforming
Buildings, specifically at 87 West Street, Permanent Parcel No. 932-06-052.

Public Hearing: Variance Request for 271 High Street on February 27th

Notice is hereby given that a public hearing will be held by the Board of Zoning
Appeals of the Village of Chagrin Falls at 8:00 p.m. on Tuesday, February 27,2018
in the Council Chamber of the Chagrin Falls Village Hall, 21 West Washington
Street, Chagrin Falls, Ohio at the request of Stuart Reader, for a variance to Section
II25.04(a)(3), Area, Yard, and Height Regulations: Accessory Structures,
specifically at 271 High Street, Permanent Parcel No. 931-22-004.

2018 Village of Chagrin Falls Annual Report

2017 was a year of continued progress for the Village of Chagrin Falls.

We finished the year in good financial condition and on budget. The budget was balanced.

During 2017 the Village continued to implement its capital plan to eliminate the deferred maintenance items and provide for future needs.

In 2017 we paved the following streets; Willow Lane, Carriage Stone, and Monticello and The West Orange Street parking lot. We had planned on also doing Walters Road but rejected the one bid we received as it was materially over our estimate of what the work should cost. I am pleased to say that our judgement in rejecting the bid was vindicated; when we rebid the work in 2018 the new bid was ~ $ 100,000 less than last year’s bid. Walters Road, together with replacement of the water and sewer lines and the addition of sidewalks, will now be done in 2018. Completion of this project will allow us to abandon and remove the waste water lift station on Hickory Hill Road

During 2017 we acquired a new leaf collection system. The performance of the new leaf collection machine has exceeded our projections. The new machine has allowed us to reduce the leaf collection manpower from 4 or 5 people to just 2 and improve the leaf collection efficacy which has reduced overtime hours.  We were able to increase the leaf collection sweeps of the village from the normal 3 to 4 to 6 this year.We believe this machine will pay for itself in reduce labor hours in 5 years or less and it has a 15 to 20 year life.

During 2017 The Village and Chagrin Valley Dispatch (CVD) adopted Your911 for cellular 911 calls. This was a significant improvement over the previous system. The new system works off the phones GPS and provides your location in 3 dimensional spaces, i.e. it locates you specifically in a large building such as the school vs. just providing the street address. This should result in faster response times and improved security. If you have not downloaded the app to your phone I encourage you to do so. Instruction for doing so can be found on The Village web site. CVD continues to save the village significant capital cost over operating our own dispatch center. Since we joined with other communities in founding CVD, we have had nearly $74,000 of our original investment returned to us and in 2018 we anticipate an approximate $7000 will be returned.

During 2017, our regional fire services responded to 1551 emergency calls, a 6% increase over 2016. 78% of these were EMS calls and 22% fire and rescue calls. Within the Village, the average response time was 3 and a half minutes from the time dispatch received the call until first responders were on site. This is significantly under the national standard of 8 minutes for response time. The fire department conducted 1,041 fire prevention inspections, conducted 47 public education classes, taught 21 community CPR class, installed 20 residential smoke alarms and, together with the police department, conducted the annual Safety Town program for young children. They also took part in 14 community block parties, 3 fireworks displays and two Red Cross blood drives.

During 2017, the police department continued to provide us with a safe community. In the past year they answered 8,967 calls for service. These calls resulted in 504formal police reports also a 6% increase over 2016, and 137 motor vehicle accident reports. In the summer of 2017, the police department began a speed monitoring program to assist in the identification of streets and/or neighborhoods that require targeted speed enforcement.  The results of the monitoring are beneficial as they provide factual data regarding the actual speeds and hours of the day the vehicles are traveling in a given area. The table below shows a general breakdown of the results obtained in 2017.

Street Name

Duration of Study

Posted Speed

Average Speed of all vehicles

85% of the vehicles were going less than

Total vehicles In Count

American Street

7/23 – 7/28/2017


17 MPH

21 MPH  or Less


Bell Street

6/26 – 7/2/2017



33 or Less


E Washington Street

8/20 – 8/28/2017



37 or Less


Hall Street

10/24 – 11/1/2017



27 or Less


Walters Road

8/6 – 8/14/2017



35 or Less


Kenton Road

8/1 – 8/6/2017



31 or Less


Maple Street

6/6 – 6/10/2017



32 or Less


Miles Road

9/8 – 9/17/2017



40 or Less


N Main Street

8/14 – 8/19/2017



40 or Less


North Street (264)

7/2 – 7/12/2017



37 or Less


North Street (540)

10/10 – 10/19/2017



42 or Less


Olive Street

11/2 – 11/13/2017



29 or Less


Ridgewood Road

8/28 – 9/6/2017



33 or Less


S Franklin Street

7/12 – 7/23/2017



32 or Less


S Main Street

6/15 – 6/25/2017



33 or Less


W Summit Street

10/19 – 10/23/2017



32 or Less


This data is used to target our enforcement. In 2017 the Police made 2277 traffic violation stops, a 39% increase over 2016.

The Chagrin Police Department established a safe zone to meet and transact sales of merchandise sold on line. The location is in front of the police station at 21 West Washington Street and it is video monitored 24/7 and has a telephone hot line to 911 police dispatch.

In addition to traditional policing, your police department participated in extensive community outreach efforts. These included school presentations, Safety Town, Bike Rodeo, Coffee with a Cop and for children, Shop with a Cop. These efforts were primarily privately funded. The police and fire departments’ major fund raising effort to support these programs is the chili cook off.

We understand that there has been some concern regarding the utility charges recently. If you have some questions regarding your bill, call the village hall at 247-1911. We are here to help you understand the fluctuations in the bill and will promptly dispatch a Utility Department employee to help you determine if you have water leaks resulting in unknown water usage. All billing cycles may not have the same number of days in the billing period. Our meters are read manually and due to workloads may not be read on the same days every year nor include the same number of days in each period. But at no time is anyone charged for any amount of water that has not gone through the meter. We can only help you understand your bill and help determine if you have a leak if you call the Village at 247 1911. There have been a lot of technical advances in the five years since the Village last looked at metering options. I have asked the Utility Department to take a fresh look at the available options for remote meter reading.

Overall the utility system is in very good condition. The village has run a utility system for over 100 years. Our system was old and in the 1990’s it was recognized that the underground water and sewer lines needed to be replaced. In the early 1990’s The Village started a multi- decade upgrade program to replace the undergrounds. This program has replaced or relined a significant portion of the water and sewer lines. If we stay on plan, this program should be mostly completed by the mid 2020’s. The new lines have a projected service life of between 50 and 75 years. Prior to 2014 the Village had used State Inheritance Taxes and Local Government Funds received from Columbus to fund a large portion of this replacement cost. The state has eliminated the Inheritance tax and reduced the Local Government funds to insignificant levels. Currently, and for the foreseeable future, utility charges, supplemented by local tax dollars and grants, when we are successful in applying for them, are the only funding sources for replacing the remaining underground lines.

During 2018 we look forward to continuing to provide the safe, secure and enjoyable environment our residents expect. As always, if you have questions or concerns don’t hesitate to call village hall, the mayor or your elected council representatives, we are here to serve you.


William A Tomko

Gamekeepers Property Leased

I am very pleased to announce that Joe Saccone, owner of Jekylls, has signed a lease for the former Gamekeepers space. They are planning on a spring/summer opening. I am sure you will join with me in wishing them every success with their new restaurant.

Mayor Bill Tomko

Officer of the Year 2017

Congratulations to Sgt. Scott R. Safenovitz on being selected as the 2017 Officer of the Year.  Sgt. Safenovitz was recognized at the last Council Meeting of the year.

New Firefighter Sworn In

Congratulations to our newest Firefighter Jack Kehn.  He’s completed training and orientation.

Welcome aboard! 

Chagrin Falls Fire Department

Spillway Property Demolition Plan

There have been several inquires and requests for explanation as to the Spillway demolition. Basically everything is going to be demolished but for the chimney and the temporary retention of a small building at the north east corner of the property. The retaining wall along the river, from the falls and continuing downstream, will remain and the concrete will be ground on site and used to fill the void behind the retaining wall.
As a part of Spillway’s demolishing plan, they were required to obtain an engineer’s evaluation as to the stability of the chimney. They did so and have a report showing that it is stable. 

The Village has requested that as much of the old stone block as possible be retained on site for possible future usage. We have also requested that the stone marker/nameplate on the old boiler building be saved for historic purposes. B&B, the demolition company, has agreed to try and do this. 

The Village has not been advised and is not aware of any pending sale for the property.

Mayor Bill Tomko