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Radar Monitoring Of Speed On Local Streets Underway

As a part of our ongoing efforts to ensure traffic and pedestrian safety, we have acquired a concealable traffic monitor to supplement the pneumatic tube unit that had been in use. The new unit is invisible to drivers and therefore eliminates any concern that driver behavior is changed by the presence of the detector. Results from this street monitoring will set location and time priorities for enhanced speed enforcement.

The program will survey traffic on streets with heavy use first, and then assess side streets. Each location will be monitored for a full week. The results of  recent tests are posted below.

If you wish to request your street be monitored or to volunteer your property as a location to place the unit, please contact Chief Dacek at

Street Name Date Tested Total Volume Posted Speed Average Speed Percent Within Pace Number Out Of Pace
Maple Street
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6/6-6/10, 2017 31,113 25 28 mph 86% 401
S. Main Street 6/15-6/26, 2017 31,032 25 28 mph 85% 410
Bell Street (Carriage Hill area)
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6/26-7/2, 2017 19,114 25 27 mph 68% 3040
North Street
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7/2-7/12, 2017 9615 25 32 mph 74% **
E. Washington Street
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8/20-8/28, 2017 34,639 35 34 mph 94% 1134
Ridgewood Street
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8/28-9/6, 2017 18,155 25 29 mph 80% 963

** Seeking clarification on this number prior to posting.