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Council Meeting 2017-02-27 Agenda

1.  Pledge of Allegiance
2.  Roll call and action concerning absentees
3.  Approval of the minutes of the Regular Council Meeting held February 13,2017
4.  Report of the Mayor William A. Tomko
5.  Report of the Finance Director David B. Bloom
6.  Members of the public to speak to agenda items (Not to exceed two (2) minutes per person.)
7.  Report of the Law Director Dale H. Markowitz

A. Legislative Docket: Disposition of legislation, including any public hearings on legislation.

1.Ordinance No. 2016-75 – An ordinance amending the Zoning Code of the Village of Chagrin Falls and amending Sections 1107 .22 and 11,07 and providing for use variances when an unnecessary hardship exists. First reading December 12,2016, second reading January 9,2077, third reading January 23,2017. Public Hearing scheduled for March 27,2017.

2.Ordinance No. 2017-09 – An Ordinance to revise the codified ordinances by adopting current replacement pages and declaring an emergency. New legislation.

3.Ordinance No. 2017-10 – An ordinance establishing rules and regulations for off- street parking lots in the Village of Chagrin Falls, creating a new chapter 355- municipal parking lots in the traffic code, prohibiting parking without a permit when required by ordinance or by rules and regulations adopted by the Chief Administrative Officer, and declaring an emergency. New legislation.

8.  Council Committee Reports

  • Streets & Sidewalks Committee
  • Facilities & Services Committee
  • Planning &. Zoning Commission
  • Safety Committee
  • Utilities Committee
  • Board of Zoning Appeals
  • Administration & Compensation Committee
  • Finance Committee
  • Parks Commission
  • Shade Tree Commission
  • Arts Commission
  • Parking Commission

9.   Report of the Chief Administrative Officer

10. Report of the Engineer

11.   Report of the Police Chief

12. Report of the Fire Chief

13. Members of the public to speak to any matter (not to exceed 5 minutes)

14.  Miscellaneous

15.   Adjournment